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A Compassionate Attorney For Your Adoption

Whether you choose to work through an agency or without one, an attorney can help prevent adoption fraud and ensure the process is as efficient as possible. At Kelli McDaniel Day, Attorney at Law, your family is our priority. We’ve helped clients throughout Alabama start a new chapter in their lives, and we’re committed to helping you build a bright future you can look forward to.

Helping Your Family Through The Process

The advantage of adopting through an agency is an added layer of protection from fraud and financial risk. Many agencies also offer counseling services for adoptive parents and other support services. There are three basic methods you can follow to adopt a child in Alabama:

  • Adoption through a domestic agency
  • Adoption through an international agency
  • Adoption through the foster care system

Regardless of whether you work with an agency or not, hiring a legal advisor is pertinent. While adoption agencies offer many layers of protection and guidance, only an attorney can make sure you’ve followed all the steps to make your adoption legal and permanent.

Let’s Sit Down And Talk

If you’re considering or currently going through the adoption process in Alabama and are looking for a legal advocate, call us today at 334-269-5585 or send us a message online. We will sit down with you to discuss your goals and determine what needs to happen next on your journey.

The process of adding a member to your family should be a joyful one. Let us help you make it the best experience possible.

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