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The Right Child Custody Plan For Your Family

Deciding where your child will live and go to school can be one of the most emotionally difficult parts of co-parenting when you and your former partner aren’t together. You want to foster a healthy relationship with your child and give them memories that will last a lifetime, yet you may not be able to see them every day.

If you’re trying to create or modify a child custody arrangement, you need a legal advisor you can trust to represent the best interests of you and your child. Call Kelli McDaniel Day, Attorney at Law, for a lawyer who will fight for you.

How We Fight For Your Best Interests

Alabama law tries to keep children in a stable, healthy environment in which they can grow healthy relationships with both of their parents. Many factors are taken into consideration before this decision is made, including:

If you and your former partner were never married, you may still need to prove paternity before a judge can award either you or the child’s other parent visitation or custody rights.

Call Us To Learn More

We’re here to help you today. Call our firm in Montgomery at 334-269-5585 or send us a message online. We can help you create the child custody agreement that is right for your family.

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